Watch: Elizabeth Warren Has Hysterical Meltdown When CBS Host Says Dems Could Lose in Midterms

“Bite your tongue! Bite your tongue!” Senator Elizabeth Warren said as she scolded CBS anchor Tony Dokoupil.

Delusion has taken over the minds of top Democrats who think they stand a chance in the upcoming midterm election cycle of 2022.

Members of the Democrat Party are dropping like flies. It’s become known as the “Democratic plight.”

A total of 28 Democrats are calling it quits, either retiring or running for a different office. So far, only 12 Republicans in the House won’t run for reelection.

CBS anchor Tony Dokoupil explained, “All the polls are very, very bad, right? I mean, the — Gallup had a poll that showed a preference nationally for Republicans at a five-point margin over Democrats.”

“You started with the insurrection and a nine-point advantage. In the fourth quarter, it was a five-point margin for Republicans,” CBS anchor Dokoupil said.

“So something is not right here. Something that you think could change the game for President Biden is with the stroke of a pen he could cancel student loan debt federally,”

Dokoupil told Warren that “you only have probably less than a year before you lose both the Senate and the House.”

She instantly shot back, “Aaaaaahhh, bite your tongue! Bite your tongue!”

Watch the clip:

It’s undoubtedly a bad time to be a Democrat. There is wide speculation that a massive red wave is coming in the midterm elections.

Gallup polling has shown there is a huge shift in Americans who no longer identify or lean with the Democrat Party. Republicans currently hold a five-point advantage when asking Americans which political party they identify with or lean towards.

NPR political correspondent Mara Liasson noted that the “Democratic plight” is unique. “The mood is bad,” she said.

“I haven’t ever covered a midterm election cycle when one party is as pessimistic about their prospects as Democrats are today or that the other party, the out party, is as optimistic about their prospects as Republicans are about winning back the House,” she said.

Politico national correspondent David Siders is forecasting doom for Democrats in Congress, writing, “The House? Likely gone. The Senate? A crapshoot.”

Public Opinion Strategies pollster Glen Bolger confirmed that they can track election outcomes based on presidential polling with close accuracy.

With Biden’s approval crashing as low as 33%, Democrats are likely to lose the 41 seats that Trump lost, Washington Examiner reports. This is 34 more seats than the GOP needs to take control of the House of Representatives.

Biden’s sinking approval rating is worst than the lowest rating ever received by President Donald Trump, according to Gallup.

Polls reveal that many Americans are furious with Joe Biden, and rightfully so. Biden attempted to force private employees to receive the coronavirus vaccine via a shot in the arm without providing individuals exemptions for health or religious reasons.

Biden also insulted the American people by saying they’re stupid if they choose not to receive the vaccine. “You’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were,” Biden said to those who were unvaccinated in July of 2021. Even 35 active-duty Navy SEALs have filed a lawsuit against Biden for failing to provide our most highly trained forces with religious and health exemptions from the overly intrusive vaccine drug mandate. If Americans rejected the drug injection, they would face the dire consequence of losing their employment and means of living.

13 U.S. servicemen and women died during Biden’s botched withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. He also stupidly left behind tens of millions of dollars in military equipment at the hands of Taliban terrorists.

Inflation continues to soar at record rates. Gas was as low as $1.87 a gallon when President Donald Trump was in office, but now prices have gone through the roof as Biden stopped the XL Keystone pipeline, stopped the flow of existing pipelines, and prevented drilling on federal lands.

Biden opened the flood gates at the southern border, creating another instant catastrophe. Trump oversaw the lowest number of illegal crossings along the southern U.S. border in over 40 years. Under Biden, the U.S. has suffered the highest number of illegal border crossings in over 60 years.

Biden destroys everything he touches. He’s failing on every front. Election integrity measures by Republicans remain intact. The 60-vote filibuster threshold is surviving in the Senate.

To top everything off, the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate on private employers. The high court rightfully shot down Biden’s drug mandate that has been widely criticized as unwise, unsafe, and unconstitutional.

The Court ultimately ruled that the Biden administration doesn’t have the authority to impose such a mandate. The federal government may “set workplace safety standards, not broad public health measures,” the Court ruled.

Below is a look at the graph from Gallup. You can see the Democrats’ lead has totally “evaporated” under Joe Biden.