Trump Wrecks Biden With A Simple Question: ‘Why Did The Mayor Of Moscow’s Wife Give Your Son $3.5 Million?’

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President Trump did not hold back his personal jabs for Joe Biden and his son’s alleged corruption during the very first presidential debate, according to Fox News.

The two rivals at one point started shouting at each other, each giving the other a more salacious blow one after the other.

Trump demolished Joe Biden’s argument with one simple question.

“China ate your lunch,” referencing Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption.

“And no wonder your son goes in and takes out billions of dollars to manage, makes millions of dollars–while we’re at it, why did the mayor of Moscow’s wife give your son $3.5 million? What did he do with Burisma?”

Biden fired back calling the claims “totally discredited.”

“My son did nothing wrong with Burisma,” Biden said. “Everyone has discredited it.”

The two started shouting at one another, with Biden cutting through saying: “It is hard to get any word in with this clown–excuse me–this president.”

“Here’s the deal. We want to talk about families and ethics. I don’t want to do that,” Biden said, pointing to the Trump family. “His family–we can go on all night.”

Trump fired back saying: “My family lost a fortune by helping us come work with government.”

“This is not about my family or his family its about your family,” Biden said, pointing to the camera. “He doesn’t want to talk about what you need, the American people, it’s about you. That’s who we’re talking about here.”

Joe Biden continuously told President Trump to “shut up,” and called him a “clown.”

“Would you shut up, man?” Biden said to Trump, calling him “unpresidential.”

Later, Biden cut Trump off again, saying: “Will he just shush for a minute?”

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Meanwhile, the president slammed Biden, saying the former vice president is not “smart.”

“You graduated the lowest in your class,” Trump said to Biden, after he said the president should become “smart” with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Don’t ever use the word smart with me,” Trump said. “Nothing smart about you Joe.”

The president, when asked about his campaign rallies, said that Biden doesn’t hold events because “nobody shows up to his events.”

“People want to hear what I have to say,” Trump said.

The debate shifted to taxes. Biden vowed to repeal the “Trump tax code,” and the president cut him off questioning why he didn’t propose a better tax plan during his “47 years” in Washington.

“Because you weren’t president screwing things up,” Biden said. “You’re the worst president America has ever had.”