BREAKING: Canada Just Really Escalated Their Fight Against The Freedom Truckers

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister just issued a major warning to truckers behind the massive “Freedom Convoy.”

“If your truck is being used in these illegal blockades,” she warned, “your corporate accounts will be frozen, the insurance on your vehicle will be suspended.” Truckers’ protest is pushing back against forced vaccinations and other overly restrictive coronavirus-related policies. Watch the clip:

If they refuse to take the drug, working-class Canadians risk losing their employment and means of living.

Making matters worse, some Canadian politicians are threatening to ban their ability to operate a motor vehicle altogether.

CNN analyst and Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem agreed with this sick plan by arguing truckers should be blacklisted from working or even operating a motor vehicle ever again.

The truckers have begun inspiring working class people around the world to rise up and demand freedom. In France, protests have embarked on a similar convoy although police in Paris have already been instructed to ban them from entering the city.

According to reports, there were dozens of trucks and vehicles that left southern France on Wednesday and headed for Paris as part of a convoy.

The French protesters oppose the country’s vaccination pass program.

The protesters have adopted the name “Convoi de la Liberté.” It also includes cars and motorcycles.

“We are just tired of it all. We want to go where we want without being asked for a vaccine pass. At least with this action, I am doing something,” truck driver Nicolas Bourrat told Reuters.

More from Daily Wire:

The massive trucker protest that has clogged up Ottawa, Canada, is credited for inspiring France’s “Freedom Convoy.” Many of the protesters, who left Nice on Wednesday, were waving Canadian flags.

Originally, plans for France’s Freedom Convoy involved driving to Paris, however authorities in the French capital have already said that protesters would not be allowed in the city.

“The Paris prefecture said the protesters would be prohibited from entering the capital from Feb. 11-14, citing the risk of public disorder,” Reuters reported. Protesters also said that they wanted to go to Brussels, Belgium, where the European Union is located…

Freedom Convoy-like protests have also begun in Australia and New Zealand. Protests in Canberra, Australia have lasted over a week according to The Washington Post.

One Australian senator, who was born in America, claimed that protesters “want to undermine and overturn democracy.”

Craig Kelly, a member of the right-wing United Australia Party and an Australian representative, allowed several protesters into the capitol to discuss their views.

“I thought these people deserved the chance to get their demands delivered directly to the prime minister and opposition leader, so I was more than happy to facilitate that,” Kelly said.