The Actual Foreign Interference In US Elections Is Happening At The DMV

A bombshell report reveals that foreigners have been caught voting in elections all over the U.S.

In newly uncovered government records, the Public Interest Legal Foundation announced that an alarming number of foreigners have voted over the years in states such as Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey, and California.

This often occurs because of the process at your local DMV.

In Pennsylvania, for example, the state allowed aliens to register to vote for more than two decades on a broken department of motor vehicles registration process, The Federalist confirmed.

Foreigners are not always at fault, the report notes. Regularly, there are “third-party voter registration drives” that simply sign anyone up without regard to eligibility.

The only winner is the political party that reliably gets their votes, the report concludes.

More from The Federalist:

It isn’t just in the sanctuary city of New York, where 800,000 foreigners just got the power to vote in municipal elections…

Unwitting aliens often don’t know they aren’t allowed to register and vote. Meanwhile, committing an election crime such as illegal voting subjects them to deportation. The only winner is the political party that reliably gets their votes.

Just this week, we uncovered more evidence of foreigners voting in our elections, this time in the swing state of North Carolina.

In 2019, the North Carolina State Board of Elections denied the foundation access to documents relating to foreigners registering and voting, so the foundation sued the board. Following a ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirming that the National Voter Registration Act requires disclosure of these documents, the board agreed to settle the case.

In the settlement, the board agreed to disclose the records relating to foreigners registering and voting. There have already been 38 indictments of foreigners registering to vote and some casting ballots. These records will conclusively show how many foreigners have been voting in North Carolina elections.

Inspecting these list maintenance documents serves an important purpose by allowing one to identify how foreigners are getting registered to vote. That is a key first step to improve the system and ensure that these errors do not continue to happen.

Often, it is the fault of the government. For example, a voter registration form will have a question at the top asking if the potential registrant is an American. One may check “no” and, due to errors by local elections officials, still get registered to vote.