Ilhan Omar claims that her father died of the coronavirus and blames The Trump administration, according to Fox News.

“My father and over 300,000 people have lost their lives because of dangerous criminal neglect by Trump and his administration.”

“I agree with Clyburn that it is not enough for us just to issue subpoenas, we have to investigate and prosecute these people who are responsible for these reckless deaths.”

Omar said that her father and other individuals who have died due to COVID-19 are “not here with us because we didn’t have leaders who cared about their lives.”

“The president, to this day, has not shown an ounce of compassion to the people who have passed away,”

“My father survived so many things, for him to lose his life to COVID is devastating.”

Paul Alexander said, “So the bottom line is if it is more infectiouness [sic] now, the issue is who cares?”

“If it is causing more cases in young, my word is who cares…as long as we make sensible decisions, and protect the elderely [sic] and nursing homes, we must go on with life….who cares if we test more and get more positive tests.

“There is no other way, we need to establish herd, and it only comes about allowing the non-high risk groups expose themselves to the virus. PERIOD.”

“Infants, kids, teens, young people, young adults, middle aged with no conditions etc. have zero to little risk….so we use them to develop herd…we want them infected.”

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said, “The documents released today reinforce the need for HHS to end its obstruction of the Select Subcommittee’s investigation into the political meddling that has hindered the nation’s response to this deadly virus.”

“HHS must produce the critical documents and witnesses it is withholding and CDC Director Robert Redfield must appear for an interview regarding evidence that he ordered CDC staff to delete a key email.”

“Unless the Administration abandons this flagrant obstruction, I will be forced to start issuing subpoenas.”