The new $3 trillion stimulus package that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently pushed through her legislative chamber has Planned Parenthood jumping for joy.

The largest spending bill in congressional history intends to give them a big slice of the pie: a millions-of-dollars bailout for missed revenue due to coronavirus-related governmental lockdowns.

“Not to act now is not only irresponsible in a humanitarian way, it is irresponsible because it’s only going to cost more,” Pelosi said about her proposal. “More in terms of lives, livelihood, cost to the budget, cost to our democracy.”

While the bill stands virtually no chance to pass the Senate or to be signed into law by President Trump, Pelosi was sure to include Planned Parenthood in her partisan priorities.

And the organization was quick to thank Pelosi for considering them.

“Thank you to @SpeakerPelosi for leading the through passage in the House,” Planned Parenthood tweeted. “Now, there is no time to waste. The Senate must take action immediately and provide relief for the essential workers and caregivers on the frontlines of this crisis.”

Live Action reports more than a dozen Democrats voted against the bill’s eventual passage, joining a chorus of Republicans who opposed it.

“The HEROES Act would allow Planned Parenthood and its affiliates to apply for #PaycheckProtectionProgram loans,” Republicans on the House Committee on Small Business tweeted. “Our nation’s small businesses and nonprofits should not have to compete with Planned Parenthood to receive crucial small business relief.”

And, from the report:

Other Republicans criticized the bill, claiming it has nothing to do with COVID-19 and was solely passed to give Rep. Pelosi the ability to do what she wanted all along: sneak taxpayer funding for abortion into legislation. “Much of this partisan bill has nothing to do with COVID-19, or the current crisis facing so many Americans,” Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup said on the House floor.

Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger, meanwhile, tweeted, “The #VA07 people & counties I serve expect us to work together to provide REAL relief in this crisis. This bill strays far beyond delivering relief or responding to an urgent crisis, & it has no chance at becoming law.”

Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who also opposed the bill, said she couldn’t vote for it either because she believed it “didn’t go far enough to help distressed workers,” reports the Seattle Times. Rep. Conor Lamb, also a Democrat, voted against it, saying the House needed to go back to the drawing board and “work on a bill that can actually pass.”