NFL Announcer Tony Romo Makes On-Air Joke about Tom Brady’s Wife, Now the Cancel Culture Is Gunning for Him

NFL announcer for CBS Sports and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is under fire by “Cancel Culture” following an on-air joke.

During the game between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Bears, Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown pass.

Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans caught the touchdown and then proceeded to toss the ball into the stands at Raymond James Stadium. This is a normal practice by wide receivers throughout the season.

Then a Tampa Bay staffer went to barter with the fan to give back the ball.

The ball would be a very valuable piece of sports memorabilia if the fan decided to keep it.

Commenting on the situation, broadcaster Jim Nantz of CBS said. “One of the great negotiations in NFL history.”

Romo offered his commentary on how that conversation might have gone:

“Right here, he’s like, ‘We need that ball. That’s 600.’”

“‘What? Really?’

“‘So what do you want? A million? No?’

“‘A date with Giselle. A date with Giselle and I’m in.’

“‘Tom? OK, Tom will do it. He’ll allow it. One time. You got it.’”

Many fans erupted on social media over Romo’s comment about Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Take a look:

Western Journal notes, “As the game ended, Brady made the focus about something everyone could cheer for.”

“Brady gave his hat to a boy in the stands who was holding a sign that said the 44-year-old NFL legend helped him beat cancer.”