Mike Rowe Sounds Off on Real Meaning of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’, Shares Why He Wants to Say it

When asked about the highly-popularized “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, Mike Rowe didn’t pull any punches in a recent interview.

Rowe called it “clever” and “hysterical.”

It’s not only a refutation of Joe Biden, but also the left-wing media as they failed to realize what was happening at the NASCAR event when the chant surfaced.

The Left’s effort to change the meaning of language failed.

“The times that we’re living in right now are forcing lots of people on both sides of the aisle to look at a thing, or hear a thing, and be told that what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing is not real,” Rowe said.

“And you can’t do that to people indefinitely and expect them not to push back somehow. You can’t tell people that the border is secure and then show them images of tens of thousands of people flooding over it. You can’t tell people that the evacuation of Afghanistan was a success and then show them people falling off of a plane.”

“And you can’t ask people who are watching a NASCAR race at home, who clearly hear the crowd yelling ‘F*** Joe Biden’ to pretend that what they’re really hearing is ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’”

“I think what’s happened is people have just become sick and tired of being told that what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing is not what they’re seeing and hearing,” Rowe said.

Watch the clip:

“And this is the perfect trope,” he continued. “I don’t think people who yell it are necessarily enemies of the president. I think they’re enemies of being told that what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing isn’t real, that it’s somehow a figment of their imagination. People are sick of that.”

“It’s hysterical, because we’re doubling-down on the lie,” he added.

“So ‘essential’ is a tricky word, ‘higher’ is a tricky word, ‘infrastructure’ is a tricky word,” Rowe said.

“I used to know what it meant, and then the infrastructure bill came along. … How can you debate an ‘infrastructure’ bill when, at the same time, people are telling you that, no, no, infrastructure is not limited to bridges and roads and the electric grid, it’s not limited to runways and plumbing, it also includes free college, it includes free health care, it includes reparations for slavery.”

“Look, we can talk about any of those things, that’s all fine, but if you’re now telling me that we have to do it in the context of infrastructure, I’m going to say ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ because that’s crazy … you can’t just refine a word.”