The U.S. Embassy at the Vatican has turned out to be a highly controversial subject as many people believe that the LGBTQ flag being flows there spe3cifically is an insult to Catholics all over the world, according to The Western Journal.

“Shame on our State Department for allowing the American Embassy at the Vatican to fly the LGBTQ pride flag. What an insult to the Catholic Church!” Graham said.

“This flag is promoting an agenda, not a country, and to give it equal billing with the American flag is wrong. It seems that the Biden Administration has no limits on how far they will go to offend the Catholic Church.”

“President Donald J. Trump had a one-flag rule — only one flag could be flown on the American flagpole at our embassies — and that was the American flag. Isn’t that how it should be?”

“I am thoroughly disgusted. In my opinion, given the Catholic faith’s stance on homosexual activity, such an action has less in common with attaining and promoting equal rights for people than it does a slap in the face to the Catholic faith for its stances.”

“It is, regrettably, an action typical of the current American administration’s hostility to authentic Catholicism.”

“What is most troubling is that the minions of the Democratic Party now feel comfortable in giving the proverbial finger to the Vatican.”

“I cannot think of another group or nation who would be so blatantly targeted and openly disrespected for its views or policies.”

“Is the Biden administration going to fly the flag of Amnesty International, Free Tibet, or other such symbols at the American embassies in China? Methinks not.”

From The Western Journal:

The Biden administration’s balloon of self-congratulations for posting the LGBT flag at embassies to mark Pride Month is being punctured by multiple critics who say doing so at its embassy to the Holy See is a conscious insult to the Catholic Church, of which President Joe Biden is a member.

Weeks ago, the administration announced that it would abandon the one-flag policy of former President Donald Trump, who insisted that the American flag be flown alone in front of America’s diplomatic outposts.

This week, the Biden administration celebrated what critics called in-your-face disrespect to the Catholic Church by posting on Twitter a photo of the LGBT flag outside the embassy to the Vatican.

The administration was taken to task by Rev. Franklin Graham.

Author John McNichol, a Catholic, said the Biden administration is blatantly showing disrespect for the Catholic Church.