Leftists Try To Bankrupt Restaurant For Supporting Trump – It Backfires HARD

The Gateway Pundit reported that a Long Island pizza restaurant was targeted by an online bullying campaign after one of his customers saw that he had a Trump flag displayed.

Guy Caligiuri, the owner of Patio Pizza spoke recently to Fox Business’ Stuart Varney, and told the host how the online attempt to muster a boycott backfired and helped Trump-supporting customers find his restaurant.

President Trump retweeted the television appearance and support for Caligiuri.

More from The Gateway Pundit:

A radical leftist woman entered his restaurant last week to pick up an order and was stunned to see a Trump flag in the back of the restaurant. The intolerant and angry woman then promised to make life a living hell for the Trump supporting owner. She launched a Facebook campaign to ruin the restaurant.

But Guy told Stuart Varney today that the attempted boycott failed and that locals are supporting his restaurant.

This is another good news story on how to stand up against the demons on the left.