Immediately After In-N-Out Takes Stand Against Vaccine Mandate, Praise Erupts Online for Company

An In-N-Out fast-food restaurant in San Francisco was forced to closed temporarily over failing to enforce the Covid vaccine mandate.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health says the restaurant failed to require patrons to provide evidence that they have been immunized against COVID-19.

In-N-Out Burger’s Chief Legal and Business Officer, Arnie Wensinger, immediately fired back by saying, “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government.”

The requirements are “unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe,” Wensinger continued.

Shortly after, praise for the restaurant erupted online.

Republican state Rep. Tony Lovasco of Missouri said, “In-N-Out Burger has taken the right position on vaccine passports.”

Lovasco added the hashtag “Do not comply.”

Fox News host Steve Hilton replied, “If you live near an In-N-Out Burger it is your patriotic duty to spend some $$$ there tomorrow.”

Political pundit Lauren Chen responded, “Yay, In-N-Out!”

“Thank you for having principles and refusing to do the state’s dirty work. If you live near an In-N-Out, please pay them a visit! (Also, the burgers are delicious lol).”

In-N-Out Burger’s Chief Legal and Business Officer also said, “Our store properly and clearly posted signage to communicate local vaccination requirements.”

“After closing our restaurant, local regulators informed us that our restaurant Associates must actively intervene by demanding proof of vaccination and photo identification from every Customer, then act as enforcement personnel by barring entry for any Customers without the proper documentation,” he added.

In-N-Out Burger accusess the city of asking restaurants to “segregate Customers” based on vaccine documentation, Fox News added.

More from Daily Wire:

A user from Florida noted in a viral tweet, “San Francisco politicians want to make it clear – You can steal $949 worth of goods and nobody should stop you. But you need documentation for a double-double with fries.”

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, “California’s Proposition 47, passed in 2014, may have caused some of the increase. The proposition increased the threshold for thefts to be considered a felony, from $400 to $950.”

Similarly, The Babylon Bee’s Frank Fleming wrote, “So if I understand this, in SF you need to show proof of vaccination to eat at In-N-Out… unless you shoplift the burger because then it would be illegal for anyone to stop you.”

“The Hamburglar loophole,” he snarked.