How Did This Video Get Published? NYT Journalists Discover ‘Blue States Are the Problem’

Journalists at The New York Times looked into what happens when Democrats control all the levels of power in state and local governments across the U.S.

They found out that “blue states” — not red ones — “are the problem.”

NYTimes video journalist Johnny Harris asks, “What do Democrats actually do when they have all the power?”

Along with editorial board writer Binyamin Appelbaum, the pair reviewed why conditions are actually much worse in liberal states like New York and California compared to red states despite little to no Republican opposition.

“In key respects, many blue states are actually doing worse than red states,” the journalists explained.

“It is in the blue states where affordable housing is often hardest to find, there are some of the most acute disparities in education funding and economic inequality is increasing most quickly.”

They focused on the issues of affordable housing, economic equality, and educational opportunity.

In conclusion, they claim that “liberal hypocrisy is fueling American inequality” and not Republican opposition.

Watch the video:

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“Blue states are the problem,” Applebaum, who covers economics and business for the Times, exclaimed.

“Blue states are where the housing crisis is located. Blue states are where the disparities in education funding are the most dramatic. Blue states are the places where tens of thousands of homeless people are living on the streets. Blue states are the places where economic inequality is increasing most quickly in this country. This is not a problem of not doing well enough; it is a situation where blue states are the problem,” he added.

At one point, Harris noted that “affluent liberals tend to be really good at showing up at the marches and talking about how they love equality, [and] at putting signs in their lawns saying, ‘All are welcome here.'”

“But by their actions,” he continued, “What they are actually saying is, ‘Yes, we believe in these ideals, just not in my backyard.'”

The New York Times may just be waking up to this notion, but the American people have been keen to it for some time — and have been showing their dissatisfaction by leaving blue states and moving to red ones at record levels.