Delusional Adam Schiff Goes on Live TV, Claims the Discredited Steele Dossier ‘Doesn’t Change Donald Trump’s Corrupt Behavior’

Democrat Adam Schiff appears delusional as he doubles down against President Donald Trump despite the now-debunked Russian collusion theory.

Schiff continues to stand by the Russian hoax despite the bombshell findings of Special Counsel John Durham.

Appearing on CNN, anchor Wolf Blitzer began, “According to CNN and other major news organizations, a series of investigations and lawsuits have discredited many of the infamous so-called Trump dossier central allegations, and exposed the unreliability of that so-called dossier’s sources.”

“Do you worry, congressman, that your credibility, other Democrats’ credibility, could be hurt by that? And that it potentially could impact how some see this current investigation?” Blitzer asked.

Schiff said, “No. People that have been following the investigation understand the very limited role that the Steele dossier played. And also understand that while we may now know that one of his primary sources was lying to him, it doesn’t change Donald Trump’s corrupt behavior in 2016.”

He continued, “It doesn’t change the fact that the president’s son was secretly meeting in Trump Tower with the Russian delegation to get dirt on Hillary Clinton or that others in Trump orbit were also seeking the gain of the Russian hack of the Democratic Party.”

“The Steele dossier is a nice talking point for kind of right-wing pundits, but it’s a distraction from what we did learn. What we did learn was very damning of the former president, of the Russians, and his campaign.”

Schiff continues to insist that he was absolutely right to promote the discredited Steele dossier.

“I don’t regret saying that we should investigate claims of someone who, frankly, was a well-respected British intelligence officer,” Schiff explains.

“And we couldn’t have known, of course, years ago that we would learn years later that someone who is a primary source lied to him.”

“[Igor] Danchenko lied to Christopher Steele and then lied to the FBI. He should be prosecuted. He is being prosecuted.”

“And I’ll tell you this, if he’s convicted, he should not be pardoned the way Donald Trump pardoned people who lied to FBI agents, like Roger Stone and Mike Flynn,” Schiff continued.

“There ought to be the same standard in terms of prosecuting the liars. But I don’t think there ought to be any pardon, no matter which way the lies cut.”

In the end, millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted after a fake story was created by the corrupt Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016.

John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russian hoax against Donald Trump has resulted in three people so far who have been arrested and face charges.

The Democrats and the Hillary campaign paid Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to find dirt on Trump.

The Left initiated an illegal and politically charged witch hunt against Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

This research was provided to the FBI. The research falsely claimed there were ties and collusion between Trump and Russia.

The FBI then applied for surveillance warrants against Trump and these warrants were issued.

Under the Obama administration, the U.S. government spied on the Trump campaign during the 2016 campaign. The FBI specifically targeted Trump’s campaign aide George Papadopoulos.

The left-wing media is also guilty of pushing these lies against Trump. The anti-Trump media went to incredible lengths to support Democrats and wrongfully attack Trump.

A recent statement from Trump was released by spokesperson Liz Harrington about Schiff.

Trump said, “Do you believe that Shifty Adam Schiff is on the Committee concerning the 2020 protest when he was the one that scammed America and the World on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax?”

“He’s a sleezeball that has no credibility and is so bad for our Nation!” Trump added.

Here’s Trump statement: