Cruz Shows Up at the Border, Goes Scorched Earth on Biden: You Could ‘End This Tomorrow By Simply Following The Law’

Texas Republican, Sen. Ted Cruz posted a scathing account on Twitter of what he described as more than 10,000 illegal immigrants being taken in to custody by the U.S. Border Patrol during a visit to Del Rio, Tx, according to The Daily Wire.

“This is a disaster and it is a man made disaster.” Sen. Cruz told his followers on social media.

Sen. Cruz pointed blame at the Biden administration for incentivizing the incoming flood of people with his recent alterations to the immigration policy at the border.

He described the scene as a “maddening crisis” and added that “Just over a week ago, there were fewer than a thousand people here under the bridge, averaging between 700 and 1000. Then, on September 8th, the Biden administration made a decision to cancel deportation flights back to Haiti. The vast majority of these illegal immigrants crossing into Del Rio are from Haiti.”

Sen. Cruz claimed that when Joe Biden “made that decision eight days ago, the 700 to a thousand people who were here discovered they could stay, they pulled out their cell phones,” knowing that that they would be allowed to stay.

“They called their friends, they called their family, and eight days later, 700 people became 10,503.” continued the Texan senator.

Cruz scolded Joe Biden for being responsible for the debacle and that the change in policy was the “result of political decisions”. He suggested that Biden resolve the crisis by restoring the deportation policy and flying people back to Haiti.

“When you have open borders, this is what you get,” Cruz warned his followers. Adding, “This is wrong. This is not humane. This is not compassionate. This is lawless, and it is inviting suffering. This needs to end.”

Sen. Cruz also thanked the members of the U.S. Border Patrol who are struggling to handle the dangerous situation.

“Let me say to the heroes, the men and women of Border Patrol, who are risking their lives trying to do a job that their political superiors won’t let them do. We appreciate your courage. We appreciate your service.” concluded Cruz.