BREAKING: Major Liberal News Outlet Shuts Down

BuzzFeed News app has officially shut down.

The left-wing company has been facing increased costs and newsroom turmoil.

“Well, folks, today’s the last day of the BuzzFeed News app,” the company said in its last message.

“Thanks for the memories and see y’all out there,” the message read.

The company will continue to push it’s liberal agenda on the regular BuzzFeed app.

BuzzFeed initially began as a platform for memes and funny cat videos.

Then they expanded into serious reporting in recent years despite its bias views and poor adherence to basic journalistic principles.

BuzzFeed has long struggled to make its hard news division profitable.

More on this story via NY Post:

BuzzFeed News loses roughly $10 million a year and top investors in the company have urged CEO Jonah Peretti to shut it down entirely, CNBC reported last month.

A public offering in December ended in disaster, with cash bleeding out of the company. Top editorial staffers, including BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Mark Schoofs, left in March amid looming newsroom cuts.

Last week, the BuzzFeed News union voted to strike accusing the company of “bad faith bargaining” over the course of “2+ years” of negotiations.”