Police found the body of a decapitated, dismembered tech CEO inside a Lower East Side apartment, sorted out in plastic bags right next to a power saw, according to Fox News.

After the cousin of the dead man requested a welfare check at the man’s E. Houston Street building and called police, officials reportedly stumbled upon a gruesome scene.

Officials reportedly found the victim, who is believed to be Fahim Saleh, 33, who was a venture capitalist and the CEO of the Nigeria-based motorbike startup Gokada.

In the apartment, which Saleh reportedly purchased last year for $2.25 million, police found the body next ot an electric saw.

The victim’s arms and legs below the knees were removed, and body parts were found in plastic bags found in the apartment, the sources said.

“This is ugly,” one cop at the scene said.

The victim was last seen on surveillance footage Monday afternoon around 1:40 p.m., when he entered his building’s elevator, which opens right out to his seventh-floor apartment, sources said.

The footage from the apartment building appears to show the suspected killer carrying a bag, waiting to enter the elevator with the victim, sources said.

Surveillance footage shows Saleh giving the suspect a puzzled look during an exchange as they ride up together.

As Saleh steps off the elevator, the suspect can be seen attacking him, according to sources.

“It didn’t look like the perp was done,” the source said.

“She was really upset. Crying. Shaking,” local resident Danny Faust said. “She was just sitting there but you can tell her legs were shaking. She’s nervous. She was crying like, you know, wiping her eyes.”

“She was screaming when she first came down,” said Faust, 40.

“Dead body? Okay,” he said. “But when you hear chopped up and dismembered? That’s it. That’s a sick type of mind for somebody to do that.”

“We used to call him the Elon Musk of the developing world. He was like the Energizer bunny,” a longtime friend told The Post.

“His best friend in Dubai called me just sobbing on the phone, ‘They took my boy; they took my boy!’ He played ukelele…he was so full of ideas,” the friend added.

“It’s shocking. It’s gruesome,” resident Jason Rivera, 45, told The Post. “What could possibly be going through someone’s mind to decapitate him? Pure evilness.”

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Sources described the killing as an apparent targeted murder.

One law enforcement source said the crime scene looked like a “professional” killing because almost no blood was left behind and the apartment was not looted.

While another source added that it appeared that the killer had been “interrupted.”

Investigators believe the victim to be Saleh, but they’re waiting for the Medical Examiner to confirm his identity.

Police were later seen questioning a sobbing woman — who sources identified as the victim’s cousin — in the lobby of the building.

The victim’s cousin found his torso exposed in the living room alongside the construction bags and saw when she went to check on him Tuesday after not hearing from him, according to sources.