A sculpture of a Black Lives Matter protester was installed without authorization and removed after one day, Fox News reports.

The sculpture was placed on the site where a monument to a 17th-century parliamentarian and slave trader was ripped down by protesters last month, the report added.

The statue depicted Jen Reid and it was “carefully” removed by city workers.

It was erected early Wednesday morning without the approval or knowledge of the city of Bristol in southwest England, the New York Times reported.

The artist is Marc Quinn and created the resin and steelwork after seeing a photo of Reid holding her hand up.

Reid said, “Whether it’s there for a day or a week or a month, it’s been there.”

“This is not about taking down a statue of Jen, who is a very impressive woman,” Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees told the BBC.

“This is about taking down a statue of a London-based artist who came and put it up without permission,” he added.

More from Fox News:

A city council spokesperson said after removal the Reid statue would be held at the city’s museum to either be collected by the artist or donated.

The BBC reported Quinn will be charged with the cost of the statue’s removal and Reid and Quinn have said the proceeds from a sale of the statue would go to support Black history education in schools, according to The Guardian.

Rees said the fate of the statue would be up to the people of Bristol, The Times reported…

The statue of Colston was removed from the nearby harbor by city workers after it was dumped there by protesters and will be placed in a museum, city officials said.