Biden’s Remark To Israeli Pres. Is Raising Eyebrows: ‘Not Technically Appropriate, But I’m So Delighted His Daughter Is Here’

It seemed that all Biden was thinking about was Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s daughter, according to The Western Journal.

“Well, I’m really happy to have President Rivlin here,” Biden said.

“And I don’t want to — it’s not technically appropriate, but I — I’m so delighted his daughter is here.”

“She’s in the back right there. And I got to — I got to meet her and talk about our kids and grandkids and all the like.”

“At any rate, I just want to thank the President for being here and for your dedication to strengthening the relationship between the United States and Israel.”

“Seven years, for Israel, is enough,” said Rivlin.

“For the Americans, eight years could be … a little bit longer. But for the Israelis, seven years, it’s enough.”

From The Western Journal:

Is this really what American diplomatic relations have devolved into? Notice that Biden didn’t reference his flashcard until after he made an important moment about the daughter of a world leader.

If you have to preface a statement by saying that it might not be “appropriate,” then it’s probably a safe bet that what you’re going to say is inappropriate. That didn’t deter Biden, who continues to make Bill Clinton appear as benign as Mister Rogers.

The New York Post reported Biden was referring to Rivlin’s adult daughter Anat Rivlin. We could probably give Biden the benefit of doubt on this one — meaning he probably wasn’t being creepy, perverse or sexually inappropriate.

Still, that’s difficult to do when moments such as these area large part of the president’s legacy: