a National Park Service Ranger said Bruce Springsteen “smelt strongly of alcohol” and “had glassy eyes,” according to Fox News.

Alec Baldwin suggested that there may have been issued a summons for other reasons.

“I wonder if Springsteen’s arrest [sic] had anything to do with his politics,” Baldwin wrote.

Baldwin divulged not evidence to support his claims.

Michael Rapaport said, “They arrested Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey! This is Sacrilegious, would you arrest the Pope in Italy? Free The Boss!”

“Totally unbelievable,” Stevie Van Zandt wrote.

Former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara said, “Yes I am aware of the Springsteen DWI issue.”

“I’m of course recused.”

Springsteen was cited at the Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook, N.J. due to driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area, according to the National Park Service.

National Park Service Ranger R.L. Hayes saw Springsteen take a shot of tequila and hop on a red and silver Triumph motorcycle and start the engine.

Springsteen stopped to pose with fans for photographs when he was offered a shot of tequila.

The ranger pointed out that alcohol was not permitted inside the park.

Springsteen claims that he drank two shots within 20 minutes of being stopped.

Springsteen was “cooperative throughout the process.”

Springsteen’s blood-alcohol reading came back below the level that’s considered illegal.

More from Fox News:

Springsteen is expected to make a virtual court appearance in connection with the case but no date has yet been set, The Associated Press reported.

News of Springsteen’s DWI incident surfaced nearly three months after it occurred. In the intervening weeks, Springsteen performed outside the Lincoln Memorial on Jan. 20 following President Joe Biden’s inauguration and appeared in a pre-recorded TV commercial for Jeep that aired during the CBS broadcast of the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

Jeep deleted the ad from YouTube after news of Springsteen’s DWI charge.