‘Deadpool’ Actress Cancels Movie Over Vaccine Mandate, Moves Entire Set to Republican State

The vaccine mandate is out of control.

Actress Gina Carano has been featured in a number of major movie productions, including Deadpool, Fast & Furious 6, Haywire, and others.

She appeared on various television shows and is often featured as a fitness model and former mixed martial artist.

She is widely known as the “face of women’s MMA” following a 7-1 record before retiring from competition.

Unwilling to abandon her principles, Carano refused to let Hollywood force every member of her cast and crew to abide by vaccine and mask mandates.

While working on the movie titled “White Knuckle,” in which Carano stars, she rejected the mandate and demanded the production of the movie be canceled.

In a statement, Carano said, “After we announced our first project this summer, the Hollywood unions started debating vaccine mandates for cast and crew, and I wasn’t into that.”

“I don’t believe anybody gets to make your medical choices for you and I’m not willing to force masks and vaccines on anyone else,” she added.

Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing who is involved with production also said, “Hollywood decided they would force masks and force vaccines on the crew.”

“And Gina walked into my office here in Nashville and said, ‘Nah, I’m not doing that. We’re going to have to find a different movie,’” he explained.

He continued, “And I said ‘Gina, you’re a member of the union, your union is the problem.’ She said, ‘To hell with it, I’ll quit my union. Let’s make a movie up in Montana where they can’t get after us.’”

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In the place of “White Knuckle,” the group is now working on a western titled, “Terror on the Prairie,” which Boreing said is set to debut in March or April of 2022.

Will Carano be seen as a hero for her actions here? Certainly by some.

But when it comes to the mainstream media, she’ll likely be maligned as an anti-vax conspiracy theorist, simply for having the audacity to stand up for the medical freedom of others.

Carano made this choice knowing she’d be hated for it, knowing she’d be misrepresented by the establishment.

That’s what makes Gina Carano brave. That’s what makes her a hero.