Il Giornale, 21 has been arrested after he threw three Molotov cocktails at a local Carabinieri station after he was fined for disregarding coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Giornale went to a gas station after getting the fine and filled up bottles which he used as Molotov cocktails against the police station.

“Thanks to the soldiers of the station who managed to trace the young man in a few hours,” Guarino added.

Italians who break the country’s coronavirus lockdown rules can face heavy fines and some even risk up to six years in prison if they lie to officials while breaking the rules. Those caught breaking the rules can receive fines from €500 to €5,000.

Since the outbreak of the virus and the lockdowns enacted shortly thereafter, many Italians have been handed coronavirus fines, including a couple who were fined 400 euros because they kissed each other in public and were unable to provide documentation proving that they lived together.

In November, another man claimed to have been fined for kissing his girlfriend on an Italian television programme, which also featured populist Italian Senator Matteo Salvini offering to pay the fine for the young man